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Mrs. Padma Srinivasan is a social worker who aimed at educating women. In 1953 she joined her hands with Mrs. Rajam Saraswathi, a lady synergized with her blend of thoughts and established an association called "WOMEN'S PEACE LEAGUE". This association conducted a lot of activities in educating and training women in various area like tailoring, painting, doll making and so on. Mrs. Padma Srinivasan is also the founder of "DAKSHINA BHARATHA MAHILA SANGAM" which has rendered services towards the development of children, women and the community of Kadugudi, is the inspiration behind 'Pragathi... the School'. Children are the future of our society who require fine nurturing and attention to develop into successful adults and pillars of our society. Learning start from infancy and continues throughout our lives, culminating in a life long pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. It is with this desire to nurture the young and bring about a learning society PRAGATHI was born. 'Pragathi... The School', founded in 2007 is a Modern English Medium School, run by the Board of Trustees of "Pragathi Trust". The aim of the school is to provide an atmosphere focusing on children's physical, intellectual, emotional, social growth and development. Pragathi Trust has plans for multiple phases of development in educational field. By launching 'Pragathi...The School', it has stepped into its first phase. In other phases it has plans to establish IT training centers, PU college, BEd college and Degree college.
By establishing PU college in 2013 it had stepped into second phase.


  • To promote a learning atmosphere and to train the students of all denominations.
  • To create a positive attitude in a child towards learning as an immediate enrichment of life and as a preparation for further education.
  • To provide each child with opportunities to discover and foster interest and talents in art and other non academic areas.
  • To initiate in the students a sense of mutual respect, love,friendship and universal brotherhood.
  • The school will always lay stress on providing quality education to young impressionable minds.
  • To develop our students into multi faceted personalities, our curriculum lays emphasis on academics and as well as extracurriculars.

ACADEMICS(no one can deliver the academics as we can…no private tution teacher can balance our teaching)

  • Rigourous Academic Program
  • CBSE Curriculum
  • We offer IIT Foundation at school level which helps the children to achieve their dreams.
  • We encourage National Level Olympiad Exams
  • Scholastics subjects workshops on every weekends
  • Educative film shows
  • Addresses different student learning styles
  • Builds self-esteem through conversations with other students
  • Creates a sense of community in the classroom through increased student-student and instructor-student interaction
  • Debates, Essays, Quiz and Seminars

International Cultural Exchange Programme

Pragathi is tied up with schools in Singapore,Hong Kong , Malaysia & Dubai. Pragathi sponsors children who consistently maintain 93% and above for abroad schools to spend a week in their campus.
This helps them to get to know the teaching methods, environment , culture and many more.
We receive children from Singapore to our campus every year.

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