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The main theme of Guides is ‘Learning by Doing’. The purpose of Guide is to develop inherent potential of the young people by providing them a number of structured activities and make them physically, mentally, emotionally,socially and spiritually strong and useful citizens to the nation.

Guide encourages team work through the patrol system. Each patrol is a small group of six to eight guides. One among them is their leader while others play indispensible part. This forges friendship, provide scope for self expressions and promote joint and individual responsibility.


Integrity clubs work on inculcating 12 basic values, which include integrity, love, patriotism, compassion, tolerance, secularism, unity, simplicity and honesty.
The club will work on spreading values through activities like sharing anecdotes, narrating stories and reciting poems on the 12 values. The activities will also include group discussions, music, drama and painting.
English Literary Club provides an opportunity for the students to exhibit their talents. Competitions like Quiz, debates & Essay are held every year by the club in the school. The students are also trained for such competitions at the inter school level. During the class these activities are carried out to bring out the potential in each and every student.


The Science club activities are held every month. The science teacher gives option to each of the student to choose a topic of their interest on a rotational basis. The selected topic would then be discussed with each student providing her/his input to the discussion. Working models and group activities would be done by the students under the guidance of the teacher. Science club activities help the students to bring out their hidden knowledge helping them gain experience for their future.
The Mathematics club is the place where students learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts through a variety of activities. Maths Projects are assigned to students based on the syllabus. Students are encouraged to collect information about great Mathematicians. Every student involves in the activities of the club and gain experience for their future.


The Heritage and Social club carry out the following activities:
1. Collecting ancient cultural heritage samples like coins, pictures of ruins of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa cities.
2. Collecting pictures of ancient popular temples and make an album of it.
3. Preparing models of temples and important cities.
4. Conducting debates and oratorical competitions on topics of our Cultural Heritage and how to preserve them.
5. Conducting mock elections for school pupil leader as well as class leaders on the basis of our countries election process methods i.e. secret ballot system.
6. To create awareness in the young minds, students are asked to buy useful things by saving money given to them by their relatives, parents on the eve of the festivals, birthdays etc.
7. Activities are given to students to prepare models/pictures of natural calamities like avalanches, Tsunami, flood, earthquake etc.
8. Students are asked to make the models of renewable resources like windmill; model globe, collecting various countries currencies, names and their current exchange rate viz. Indian rupee.
9. Albums are prepared on National leaders, First President to current President, First Prime Minister to current Prime Minister, Social Reformers – their works, important sayings etc.


The school Eco club plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation. The school coordinators have been working tirelessly to improve the challenging environmental conditions. The coordinators and club members have undertaken various environmental friendly activities including
1. Solid Waste Disposal
2. Help in Pollution control
3. Work on prevention of the storage water
4. Planting trees
5. Create awareness to stop wastage of water
6. Bring about friendly approach, attitude and interest of the people towards environment improvements
7. Educational trips are arranged to Bio-Diversity exhibition organized by Environment and Forest Department (Science Express)
8. Environmental related inter school competitions and debates are arranged under this program.
9. Celebrate festivals like World Environment Day, World Population Day, World Ozone Day, Van Mahotsav, etc.
10. Activities like making paper bags and discourage use of plastic bags.
11. Educate students to create awareness among public to stop the indiscriminate burning of waste which causes respiratory diseases.
12. Pictures of environmental pollution and how to control them are collected and paste them as charts.


When it comes to dance and movement, young children embrace the fun and joy of dancing to the beat or creating their own interpretation of songs. Dance education enhances physical, emotional, and social skills.
Drama develops the emotional intelligence, builds confidence and concentration.
Yoga helps the child to have
 Overcome memory loss
 Disease free body
 Quiver free breath
 Stress free mind
 Trauma free memory
 Balanced breathing
We will see to that our students will recite shlokas while Yoga exercises which will help the children to improve their memory, concentration & stay healthy.


Arts and crafts for kids are fun for children and the young-at-heart! These art & craft activities cover a wide range of subjects for young artists, future artisanal book makers, potential puppeteers, and more.

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