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Why Preschool Education ?

Pre school education lays the foundation of a child’s knowledge, skills and rules of behavior that create prerequisites for successful progress in daily life and primary school.
Early childhood education provides a stimulating play environment for Physical, Intellectual, Language, Social and Emotional Development of the child. It prepares children for the primary and it focuses on the all round development of the child.
The children are exposed to several learning activities in preschools. They help to develop child’s self-help qualities including dressing up, eating food themselves and maintaining cleanliness. The children also learn other basic activities such as sharing of toys and food, exchanging the greetings, identifying their possessions etc. Due to continuous interaction with other children, the child develops his language skills and improves in vocabulary. The toys provided in preschools have good learning value.

Age Criteria

To be eligible to get admission to classes as on June of the year of joining is as follows-
2 year 6 months and above to enter Pre junior (Nursery)
3 year 6 months and above to enter Junior (LKG)
4 year 6 months and above to enter Senior (UKG)
We have primary schooling starting from Standard I to IX

Admission Test

There is no admission test for Pre junior classes but for Classes Junior to VIII the aspiring candidates have to assure school of that basic knowledge of relevant subjects of English, Mathematics and concerned languages.

When a child first starts school jointly with the teacher help them to :

  • Dress unassisted, including fastenings
  • Go to the toilet alone
  • Know the colors
  • Mix well with other children
  • Enjoy doing crafts and drawings using scissors and pencils etc
  • Enjoy listening to stories and nursery rhymes
  • Talk about things which they have done, with some confidence.

You can continue to help your child by discussing with the staff any problems or difficulties which may arise along the way. We will be pleased to see parents and will attempt to help whenever possible. We are open for valuable suggestions from parents.

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